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You've probably heard that Southern hemisphere toilets flush in the opposite direction of Victoria toilets. But did you know that this is just a myth? The logic behind this fun "fact" makes sense because of something called the Coriolis effect. However, it doesn't apply here because a toilet is more powerful than the Earth's rotation. If you're being lied to about toilet bowl swirls, what other plumbing myths are out there!? Many, unfortunately. Buying into them can end up costing you big on repairs. As plumbing contractors in Victoria, we've heard them all. Read on to hear us debunk the most infamous lies so that you don't become their next victim!

1. THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL CAN HANDLE ANYTHING We've all heard our parents tell us to turn on the faucet when using the garbage disposal. But running water won't magically make your unit capable of handling anything. You should only use your garbage disposal to get rid of biodegradable food waste. If you try to use it for plastic, grease, or other no-nos, you'll end up having to call plumbing contractors in Victoria. 2. FLUCTUATING WATER PRESSURE IS NORMAL It's easy to write off fluctuating water pressure as normal. However, stable water pressure is a sign that your pipes are in working order. If you're experiencing the opposite, it might be time to hire plumbing services. Professionals will ensure you have steady streams again in no time. 3. YOU NEED HARSH CHEMICALS TO CLEAR CLOGS If you have a clogged toilet or sink, your best bet is to use a plunger or auger. Resist the temptation to reach for drain cleaners. These harsh chemicals eat away at the clog, but they also eat away at your pipes. The damage they cause may require serious plumbing repairs. 4. "FLUSHABLE" MEANS OK TO FLUSH When our plumbers fix clogs caused by flushable wipes, Victoria homeowners are often shocked when they learn what the culprit was. "But it said 'flushable' on the package!" they exclaim. That's true, but it doesn't mean the wipes slide through pipes as toilet paper does. It takes a lot longer for these 'flushable' wipes to break down, which increases the chances of them causing a blockage. 5. YOU NEED TO REPLACE A NOISY WATER HEATER When you hear your water heater make strange noises, you panic. It's going to cost an arm and leg to get a replacement in Victoria! While water heaters don't last forever, noises don't necessarily mean you need a whole new unit. Cleaning the tank's sediment build-up could be the easy fix you need. Contact plumbing contractors in Victoria to complete this job and do a full inspection. HIRE PLUMBING CONTRACTORS IN VICTORIA TODAY Who knew there were so many plumbing myths floating around!? Hopefully, this guide has opened your eyes and informed you of when to call plumbing contractors in Victoria. Experiencing one of the problems we discussed? Noticing other issues? Contact our West Bay plumbing team today!


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