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Heat Pumps

Quality Heat Pumps in Victoria, Nanaimo & Surrounding Areas

These days, homeowners prefer heat pumps over furnaces paired with air conditioners to save on energy costs. If you’re looking for a quality heat pump in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas, choose West Bay Mechanical Ltd. We install, sell and service reliable heat pumps to keep you cozy throughout the colder months. We ensure providing high-quality products to our residential customers. We stock heat pumps from trusted brands such as DAIKIN. West Bay Mechanical has been providing quality HVAC services to the Greater Victoria area, and its surrounding communities for over 40 years.


Heat pumps are devices that use electricity to extract heat from one source and transfer it to another. In simple terms, a heat pump moves heat rather than generates it.  Heat pumps are an energy-efficient year-round alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners for those who live in climates with moderate heating and cooling needs. Our team will help you choose durable heat pumps within your budget, give us a call today.

Benefits of a Heat Pump


Heat pumps are primarily used to get year-round comfort by supplying heat during winter, cooling during summer, and in certain situations, providing hot water. As the most commonly used electrical appliance, heat pumps are one of the best options for various applications, including the construction of new buildings and refurbishing existing air conditioning. Since the cost difference between a cooling-only system and a heat pump is usually minimal, they're a good alternative if you want to replace your old air conditioner with a cost-effective option. Here are some other benefits of heat pumps:

  • Energy-efficient: Heat pumps work by transferring air from one place. For instance, in the winter, they extract the warm air from the outside, and in the winters, they transfer it inside and vice-versa in the summer. The whole process saves more energy and reduces your monthly bills.
  • Less maintenance: Heating systems that use a heat pump need less upkeep than those that use a combustion engine. We recommend professional maintenance once a year, ask us about our maintenance contracts!
  • Low carbon emissions: The efficient conversion of electricity to heat in a heat pump system lowers the carbon footprint. For instance, water source heat pumps can achieve close to 600% efficiency levels.
  • Long-term durability: Heat pumps have a longer duration of up to 50 years, but the average lifespan is about 14 or 15 years. Despite their size, these heaters are dependable and consistent heat sources.
  • Better indoor air quality: Heat pumps enhance indoor air quality by circulating and combining airflow with the air inside the home. As a result, you get cleaner and more pleasant air to breathe.

Ready to get a new heat pump in Victoria? Reach out to us at West Bay Mechanical Ltd., and we will assist you through every step.

daikin ductless heat pump

Daikin Ductless (Multi zone)

Homeowners fight over temperatures in their homes and have rooms that go unused for long periods. Now they can save energy and control temperatures independently in up to eight separate zones, with a single outdoor unit. With available wall-mounted, concealed slim-duct, ceiling cassette, and floor-mounted indoor options, Daikin Multi-Zone Systems offer multiple indoor unit styles to meet all home comfort needs.
Heat or cool multiple spaces independently with 1 outdoor unit


  • Great installation flexibility and a wide choice of styles
  • Wide range of outdoor units to which up to 8 indoor units can be connected.
  • All indoor units can be individually controlled.
  • The discrete, robust outdoor unit can easily be mounted onto a roof or terrace, or simply to the outside wall.
  • It is possible to combine different types of indoor units.
sky air heat pump


The Daikin FTQ Ducted line is an alternative to traditional cube style solutions adopting a slim, space saving and quiet outdoor unit and specifically designed and matched indoor air handling unit. The FTQ Ducted can be used in place of your existing system, utilizing existing ductwork, or in new construction where individual zone or room control is not desired. You get the comfort and energy savings advantages of Daikin’s industry leading inverter technology, using a modern heat pump system to heat and cool.

Daikin one stat

Daikin One Stat

The Daikin One+ smart thermostat is an intelligent home air controller from one of the world’s leading heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers. It is the cloud-connected hub of a sophisticated, integrated solution for controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality.

  • The high-resolution color touch screen display is protected by the same toughened glass used in smart phones.
  • The anodized aluminum bezel and dial are precision manufactured.
  • The surfaces have a fine bead blast with a warm hued anodized finish.
  • The dial rotation is extraordinarily smooth because it rests on a bearing assembly typically found in precision instruments.
  • A switch behind the dial enables users to return to the home screen from any menu with a single tap.
  • An integrated WiFi radio connects to the internet (via a home router) to the cloud and on to the homeowner mobile application
  • A thin LED light bar sits flush within the bottom surface and runs from edge to edge delicately illuminating the wall beneath. The light bar indicates the current system mode: red-orange for heating and blue for cooling.
Daikin ONE

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In addition to heat pumps, we also sell furnaces and domestic water heaters. You can contact our service department in case of a heating or cooling unit failure. We are available 24 hours to help you during an emergency.

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