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For over 40 years, West Bay Mechanical has been providing a variety of heating and plumbing services to Victoria home and business owners. In our blog, you will find a number of resources regarding HVAC topics. If you still can’t find an answer, please contact our friendly office and one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

  • hot water heater
    06/06/2022 0 Comments
    Why Does My Hot Water Make a “Rumbling” Noise?

    If you’re hearing weird hissing, popping, or banging from your water heater, you may think it's haunted. While there's no ghost in your house, you may have a water heater in need of repair.From what those strange noises mean to common problems we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the sounds coming from your hot water heater. The average water heater will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Without service and maintenance, however, you could be cutting your water heater lifespan short. This is why checking on those strange sounds becomes important. Let’s get the mystery sound solved once and for all.


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  • in-floor heating
    08/05/2022 0 Comments
    Everything You Need To Know About In-Floor Heating

    In Victoria, it's no secret that the winters can be pretty punishing at times. The cold weather makes finding sustainable and effective ways to heat your home especially important. Today, of course, there are myriad different methods of home heating, and each has its pros and cons. If you're considering installing in-floor heating in Victoria, then you'll doubtless want to learn a little bit about how this heating mechanism works, and what its advantages are. That's what this guide is going to be going into today. Read on for everything you need to know about in-floor heating from your local HVAC experts now.


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  • plumbing
    22/11/2021 0 Comments
    The Truth About Plumbing Repair Service

    You've probably heard that Southern hemisphere toilets flush in the opposite direction of Victoria toilets. But did you know that this is just a myth? The logic behind this fun "fact" makes sense because of something called the Coriolis effect. However, it doesn't apply here because a toilet is more powerful than the Earth's rotation. If you're being lied to about toilet bowl swirls, what other plumbing myths are out there!? Many, unfortunately. Buying into them can end up costing you big on repairs. As plumbing contractors in Victoria, we've heard them all. Read on to hear us debunk the most infamous lies so that you don't become their next victim!

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  • furnace
    22/11/2021 0 Comments
    Furnace Troubleshooting: When to DIY and When to Call the Pros

    Is your cold house just not heating up? Or, is your furnace making weird noises lately? If so, we can help. The following guide lists 9 easy furnace troubleshooting steps that you can do yourself.  Most common furnace issues are solved by these steps. Hopefully, these instructions will fix your furnace problems as well. Then again, you might need to call a professional. Lucky for you, we're also going to teach you about that. That is, after the troubleshooting steps, we list some furnace repair situations that are best left to the professionals. So, if you have furnace problems, read on to learn what to do about them.

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  • hot water on demand
    22/11/2021 0 Comments
    Hot water on demand – Tankless vs Hot Water Tanks

    It might surprise you to find out that nobody exactly knows how long ago people started creating hot water services. Even the ancient Romans routinely filled their bathhouses with hot water. Enjoying all the hot water on demand in Victoria that you need is a luxurious experience. New advancements in hot water tank technology have opened up new options for people. New tankless hot water heaters can be the right choice for some people. So how can you know if they are the right choice for you? Read on to learn all about the differences between tankless and traditional hot water tanks!


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  • bathroom fans
    22/11/2021 0 Comments
    How to Maintain and Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fans

    Exposure to indoor mold can be linked to coughing, wheezing, and upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy people. One of the most common places that mold grows in the home is the bathroom. Reducing the risk of mold is one of the primary jobs of bathroom exhaust fans. Your bathroom exhaust fan can only do its job if it's properly maintained. We'll tell you why, when, and how to do that in this quick guide to bathroom exhaust fan maintenance.


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  • Plumber fixing bathroom sink
    12/11/2020 0 Comments
    Plumbing Contractors Victoria: Your Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

    In many ways, your house is a living thing: it breathes through ventilation, internal systems help it regulate temperature, and water flows through vein-like pipes.

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  • plumbing contractors Victoria
    03/09/2020 0 Comments
    Signs You Need a Quick Plumbing Repair

    Plumbing problems can lead to water damage in no time. When you suspect an issue with your plumbing system, it is crucial to handle the problem early and fast.

    The last thing you want to deal with is a flooded room, or even worse, no water at all. Many water problems can be dealt with quickly when you call professional plumbing contractors in Victoria.

    Let's take a look at ways we here at West Bay Mechanical can assist with your plumbing needs.


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  • water heaters victoria
    03/09/2020 0 Comments
    Signs Your Water Heater Is About to Fail

    People often don’t realize that their water heater is in a dreadful condition until it finally fails. A broken water heater can cause many inconveniences at any given time of the day or night. It is better to take preventative measures to avoid troubles.


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  • air conditioning repair
    03/09/2020 0 Comments
    Air Conditioning Repair vs Replacement – Save Your Money and Time

    The air conditioning system of your house is essential to keep you comfortable during hot times. Figuring out whether to perform air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement is a confusing as it involves several factors that need to be taken into consideration - explained in this blog.

    We have been renovating homes and businesses throughout Victoria for over 40 years. We install and provide service facilities for air-conditioning, heat pumps, boilers and more. Let’s look into what you should consider if you are considering air conditioning repairing or replacement.


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  • air conditioning
    09/03/2020 0 Comments
    How to Protect Your Air Conditioning in Winter?

    If your air-conditioning unit is left unattended during winters, it may need repair by the time the summer arrives. AC units are a lifesaver during hot months, so you may want to take proper care of the unit even if it is not in use. Changing seasonal conditions are not good for the appliance and by investing in some pre-winter preventive measures, you will save yourself from future headaches.

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  • furnace maintenance
    09/03/2020 0 Comments
    How to Choose a Furnace for Your Home

    Almost every house has a central heating system along with of air conditioning. Furnaces are majorly needed in colder regions and choosing the right one for your business or home is crucial. This is relevant to your comfort, cost, safety and utility bills. This will also help minimize the number of times you’d need furnace repairs.

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  • plumbing contractors
    09/03/2020 0 Comments
    Signs Your Kitchen Needs Plumbing Repairs

    A kitchen is central to any home and any problems with your plumbing can disrupt your entire routine. Carrying out regular maintenance of your plumbing system helps detect and fix any minor problems before they deteriorate further. Whether you want to get your burst pipe fixed or get a backed up drain repaired, West Bay Mechanical Ltd. can help. Our plumbing contractors have been serving clients in Victoria for over 40 years. We also provide heat pumps, furnaces and thermostats.

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  • Furnace Mantainence in Victoria
    15/10/2018 0 Comments
    ​Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

    Proper and timely furnace maintenance is important for keeping your home safe and comfortable, extending the life of your furnace, and saving on heating costs. The furnace maintenance professionals at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. have put together a checklist for a basic furnace inspection that will help keep your furnace running smoothly, and alert you to any potential issues. Make sure you turn off the fuel and electrical supply before starting!

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  • 14/09/2018 0 Comments
    ​6 Causes of Low HVAC Airflow in Your Home

    Low airflow in your HVAC system can have a significant impact on the comfort of your home. It can also hinder the efficiency of your furnace, causing a spike in your heating bill and potentially leading to maintenance issues. At West Bay Mechanical Ltd., we provide comprehensive residential HVAC services in Victoria.

    Here are some of the common causes behind low airflow that we typically encounter:

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  • residential plumbing contractor in Victoria
    01/09/2018 0 Comments
    ​Tips for Hiring a Reliable & Professional Plumber

    We all like to save a little money on home maintenance, and when it comes to tightening a few screws or maybe even fixing a leaky faucet, this can be a great idea. At the same time, our plumbing systems are complicated and, since the majority of the pipes can't be directly accessed, can require a certain amount of expertise to fix efficiently and safely.

    If you have a plumbing problem that takes more than a few twists of a wrench to fix, it means it's time to call residential plumbing contractors in the Victoria area to take a look at it. At West Bay Mechanical Ltd., we are residential plumbing experts. That’s why we'd like to offer a few tips to anyone looking for plumbing help in the Victoria area.

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  • woman investigates broken air conditioner
    31/07/2018 0 Comments
    ​How to Diagnose Problems With Your Air Conditioner

    Getting your air conditioner repaired can be pricey and inconvenient, so it's worthwhile to arm yourself with the ability to diagnose basic problems on your own. Even if you do plan on calling in a professional, it's important to gather as much information as you can to ensure that the repair process is as hassle-free as possible. At West Bay Mechanical Ltd., our air conditioning repair services in Victoria are top of the line, and we want all our customers to be well informed. Keep reading to find out more about how to diagnose and troubleshoot small problems with your air conditioner. 

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