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Enhancing Energy Efficiency: Upgrading Your Heating System to Save Money

Exploring different heating systems can save you serious money throughout the year. Heating is a significant part of your bills and the maintenance of your home. Home heating is a resource Canadians rely on, as 51% of households use forced air heating systems. Another 25% use electric heaters. If it's time to get an upgrade in your home, navigate this decision in a way that also protects your finances. These tips will teach you what to know when you're considering a heating system upgrade in Victoria.

Explore Different Types of Furnaces

Start your search by considering which heating systems are the most cost-efficient. In general, these are also the systems that are the most energy-efficient. Some of the many different types of furnaces that you can explore include:

· Geothermal systems

· Heat pump systems

· Electric boiler systems

· Solar heating systems

· Natural gas heating systems

Look into the wide variety of systems available so that you can figure out their pros and cons and which will fit best in your household. Study variables like the efficiency ratings and the energy output. These factors play a role in how well your system works and how much money you'll spend on energy bills in the process. Look for Energy Star certified furnaces that utilize energy efficiently so that you don't run up too many bills.

Take Care of Your Filters

Always stay on top of your filtration to make sure your heating system works effectively. When you explore some furnace troubleshooting tips, you'll likely come across advice to change your filters. Whether you are trying to get more years out of your current system or invest in a new heating system, changing the filters will always be a major repair step. Changing or cleaning the filters will help you get rid of dust and dirt and prevent them from backing up your air ducts. Ask a heating repair professional about the filters they sell so that you can purchase the right size, brand, and type.

Buy a Repair Contract

When you purchase a new residential heating system, look into a repair contract that'll assist you. These repair contracts will have your system on a tight schedule. Taking care of repairs like changing the filters, cleaning ducts, tightening components, and fixing the heat exchangers. Explore the details of the repair contract so that you know what work you're signing up for. These contracts let you pay in advance while knowing that your heating system is saving you money by operating more efficiently.

Fix the Thermostat

Your thermostat is a direct effect on how much money you spend. If your system is using a lot of energy due to wide swings in your thermostat, it'll cost you more money, especially during the fall and winter. Consider buying a programmable thermostat that'll help you regulate your temperatures. This is best both for energy efficiency and financial prudence.

Get a Heating System Upgrade in Victoria

These suggestions are worthwhile when you need a heating system upgrade that Victoria professionals can provide. West Bay Mechanical can assist you when you need to improve your furnace service. Send us an online message or give us a call at 250-478-8532 at our Victoria head office.

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Glenn Washington
Glenn Washington
Apr 18

The HVAC Contractor Davie company did a fantastic job upgrading our heating system. Not only is it more efficient, but it's also much quieter than our old system. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their home comfort.

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