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Air Conditioning

Quality Air Conditioning Systems in Victoria

During the summer time, a properly functioning air conditioning unit is a necessity. The comfortable temperatures provided by well-maintained air conditioning in your home offers respite from the heat. In commercial spaces, an air conditioner enhances the comfort of employees, visitors and customers. At West Bay Mechanical Ltd., we are experts at air conditioning systems in Victoria. We provide the latest air conditioning systems sourced from trusted brands for every requirement. Our experienced employees will help you choose a unit that meets your needs when you come to us. We can meet the needs of commercial property managers and homeowners alike. We will inspect your budget and unique requirements to provide personalized recommendations.


Not only that but, we also offer comprehensive repair solutions for air conditioning systems in Victoria and the nearby areas. If you'd like to learn more about our services and products, please get in touch with us. If you have a particular requirement but are unsure if we can meet it, our team will be happy to address your concerns.


The West Bay Mechanical Difference

Over the years, we at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. have offered top-notch air conditioning systems in Victoria and related repair services to many. When you come to us, you can expect quality products and hassle-free services. There are many reasons to choose us, such as:

  • Experience: We have over 40 years of experience in providing HVAC services, including those related to air conditioning systems in Victoria. We know what the clients in the area want and are determined to provide it.
  • Complete services: As seasoned HVAC contractors, we provide a host of products and services. We can meet every air conditioning requirement and service commercial and residential properties of all types.
  • Personalized solutions: At our company, we never follow a cookie-cutter approach. We provide you with customized services and product recommendations that suit your individual demands.
  • Reliable quality: All of the products we provide undergo strict safety and quality control measures. We believe in adhering to the high standards of our industry, with long-lasting solutions and dependable services.
  • Knowledgeable staff: Our staff consists of individuals who are passionate about the services and products we provide. They would be delighted to discuss your concerns.
  • Excellent customer experience: At our company, we place your needs first. We provide you with outstanding customer services, and hassle-free solutions, with complete transparency about our rates and solutions.

Would you like to learn more about how our services can benefit you? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of air conditioning experts.

The Right Air Conditioner for Your Space

Is central air conditioning not an option? Consider ductless splits, perfect for room additions and other spaces where there is no existing ductwork. In Victoria’s geographical location, the majority of air conditioning installations include heating in the form of heat pumps and ductless splits. Ductless splits are a great solution for attics, garages, post-construction add-on rooms, and more.

Whether you are looking at your entire house or only a specific room, it is important to consider factors such as ceiling height, room insulation, sun exposure, and location, when choosing a unit with the right British thermal unit (BTU) rating. By choosing the right BTU for your room size, you will be sure to get the most energy-efficient cooling system for your home.

What Exactly Is the BTU Rating?

The British thermal unit rating is a number that essentially tells you how effectively and quickly a unit can cool a room. Generally ratings range from 5,000 BTUs to more than 20,000. Not sure which air conditioners to choose from? Turn to our air conditioning experts in Victoria to assist you by calling us.

Air Conditioning Benefits for Victoria, Nanaimo & Surrounding areas Residents

There is nothing like feeling too hot inside your own home or office when temperatures are high outside. The right air conditioning systems in your Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas spaces will keep you cool all summer long. To name a few, here are some benefits to having an air conditioner, such as:

  • Increases intellect and physical activity
  • Improves comfort levels both at work and at leisure
  • Improves job performance
  • Reduces the presence of parasites and insects

Types of Air Conditioning Solutions in Victoria, Nanaimo & Surrounding Areas

Some of the solutions and models include:

  • Premium split-system features
    • Inside variable-speed compressor
    • Refrigeration-grade premium copper
    • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with sound-control top
    • High-efficiency ECM fan motor
    • Commercial grade quality with factory-installed refrigerant management components
  • Premium coil features
    • All-aluminum coils
    • Factory-mounted thermal expansion valve
    • High-temperature thermoplastic drain pan
    • Insulated metal casing
  • XC25 air conditioner
    • Most precise and efficient air conditioner
  • XC21 air conditioner
    • Quietest
    • Most efficient 2-stage central air conditioner
  • 14ACX air conditioner
    • Efficient
    • Economical
  • And many more

Get in Touch

What has enabled us at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. to grow over the years is our commitment to providing quality services to the residents of Victoria. We regularly update our inventory with the latest products so that you always have access to top-of-the-line air conditioning systems for your home or commercial space. Our experts are always willing to chat with you to inspect your requirements, usage, and budget to provide suitable products for you. In case you require air conditioning repairs, we provide quick and efficient solutions to reduce your downtime and maximize your comfort.


Are you ready to learn more about our air conditioning services in Victoria? A member of our experienced team will be happy to consult with you to determine the best solution for air conditioning in your home. Call us today for assistance!

Top Brands for Air Conditioning in Victoria, Nanaimo & Surrounding Areas

At West Bay Mechanical, we install the following brands of air conditioners including:

Air Conditioning Repairs

We offer routine air conditioning maintenance and repairs in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas

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