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Ductless Split

Install a Convenient Ductless Split in Your Victoria Home

Are you in need of a heating solution for an add-on room? Call West Bay Mechanical for installation of ductless splits in Victoria and surrounding areas. These units are great for heating rooms with no existing ductwork including sunrooms, garages, workshops, and more. The ductless heat pump is comprised of two main components – and indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor condenser/compressor – linked by a conduit that also houses tubing for suction, refrigerant, and drainage.

Ductless Heat Pumps

daikin ductless


Daikin is the world leader in ductless compressor technology and is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. Daikin doesn’t manufacturer TVs or other consumer electronics like many of their competitors. Daikin focuses on ductless technology – ductless heating and ductless cooling. We at West Bay do sell other brands but have chosen the Daikin brand as our flagship ductless split heat pump.

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