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  Our Core Values:

  • Family: Treating everyone with respect and supporting each other.
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing, every time.
  • Versatility: Supporting the West Bay Family with all aspects of comfort, safety and growth.
  • Craftsmanship: Taking pride in the work people don’t see.
Fortis BC

Our Purpose:

Providing reliable comfort on the Island at work, at home, or at play.


“That’s the West Bay Way”


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Reliable HVAC and Mechanical Services in Victoria, Nanaimo & Surrounding areas

HVAC is a pretty common term these days - it stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. And today, HVAC systems have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Be it at home or be it at work, HVAC devices allow indoor climate controls for all properties. Ensure your comfort with reliable installation, maintenance and repair of all your HVAC systems through our dedicated mechanical services in Victoria.


At West Bay Mechanical Ltd., we offer plumbing, refrigeration, and HVAC services in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas. For over 40 years, we have been serving residential and commercial customers for all kinds of HVAC needs. Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals know how to take care of your heating and cooling devices and deliver high-quality workmanship. 


With us, you will never have to worry about unpredictable weather again. Contact us today for HVAC services in Victoria, Nanaimo, and the surrounding areas.



Your mechanical equipment works continuously to facilitate the daily operations of your business or complete comfort in your home. Constant usage of these systems can lead to component failures over time. It is important to trust professionals to take care of your systems to ensure they function well. Here is what you can expect when you call West Bay Mechanical Ltd. for mechanical services in Victoria:

  • Efficient operation – By trusting a professional company to keep your mechanical systems, including HVAC and plumbing, properly maintained, you will allow them to operate more efficiently. This, in turn, helps to lower energy costs.
  • Long-lasting and safe – If you want to protect your critical equipment, you can rely on our professional services. We will offer repair and maintenance so that your equipment is safe and in good working condition.


Services We Offer in Victoria, Nanaimo & Surrounding Areas

Is your HVAC or plumbing system working well? If not, we are here to help you enjoy comfort and energy savings through the changing seasons. West Bay Mechanical Ltd. repairs, installs and maintains HVAC systems for Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas homes and businesses. From thermostats to boilers and heat pumps to bathroom fans, we have experience with them all. Our experienced technicians ensure that you have the right system in proper working order for your specific requirements. We also sell quality products from brands that we trust.


Here is a list of what we do:


Air Conditioning Services

Not only is functioning air conditioning a real comfort during the hot summer months, but it can also mean better health in your homes. Our trained technicians provide repair and maintenance services that can ensure optimal cooling and long lifespan for your air conditioners. We also install air conditioners in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas.


Heat Pump Services

Heat pump systems are an efficient heating solution in the region we serve. We service and install hybrid heat pumps and ductless splits. With us, you can be assured of your winters being warm and cozy.


Furnace Services

Whether you want a new furnace from trusted brands, or you want professional repair and maintenance for the one you already have, you can reach out to us. We handle furnace jobs in Victoria and Nanaimo. Don’t wait until the first snowfall to get your furnace fixed; make sure you’re warm and toasty on the first day of winter.


Water Heater Services

We install high-quality hot water tanks from trusted manufacturers in your homes. Be it boilers or on-demand hot water systems. We are here to supply you with the best.


Plumbing Services

Leaks, pipe bursts, and clogs can be major inconveniences. If you are facing a plumbing problem, we can help. We are dependable plumbing contractors, and we can fix your plumbing problems in Victoria, Nanaimo, and the surrounding areas with ease. We can also help with kitchen and bathroom renovations.


Our Residential Services

Our residential HVAC services in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas also include in-floor heating, bathroom fans, and thermostat installation and repairs. Are you considering a renovation? We can handle custom kitchen and bathroom designs, rough-ins, multi-unit mechanical system designs, and even help you transition to alternative green energy systems. Did you know we can handle refrigeration and plumbing issues as well? Connect with our team today to learn about what else we have in store for you. We also offer planned maintenance services to ensure that your mechanical equipment operates efficiently for a long time.  Save money by signing up for a planned maintenance agreement, and get access to a team of government-certified gas-fitters, refrigeration technicians, plumbers, and more.


Commercial Services We Offer

Our  commercial services are extensive. We offer 24/7 emergency services, plus custom mechanical system designs, scheduled maintenance, plumbing services, renovations, and more. We can also help make sure your business stays compliant with the right permits.


Are You Selecting the Right HVAC Contractor?

When you are looking for HVAC services in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas, selecting good contractors is vital. Here’s what you should consider in making the right choice:

  • Professional licensing, bonding and insurance
  • Reviews and references
  • Well-trained professionals
  • Accurate estimates and upfront charges
  • Years of experience
  • Energy-efficient offerings


Why Choose Us?

We are the trusted choice for all your HVAC needs. Here’s why you can trust us for mechanical services in Victoria:

  • We are bonded, licensed and insured
  • We carry extensive extensive industry experience backing us
  • Our professionals are skilled
  • We work with the goal of ‘quality first’
  • We provide a strict quality control review of all our projects
  • We maintain health and safety standards in our work environment
  • We offer free and fair estimates on all our services

Call us now and get a quote for your installation, repair, or maintenance job today.

Brands We Trust

Our team at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. believes that great parts and great equipment are just as important as high-quality service. We install and service brands we trust, including:

Our services are not limited to these brands, however. Our experienced team members can work with all makes, models, and manufacturers.

Get a Quote

Ready to improve your HVAC system in Victoria, Nanaimo, and nearby areas? Call us now and get a quote for your installation, repair, or maintenance job today.

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