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How Will I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Heat Pump?

Did you know that you could get $5000 in rebates to replace your current electrical system with a heat pump from the Federal Government's Greener Homes Grant? BC Hydro also adds $2000 of rebates to the above grant.

There's no need to live with a nonfunctional or under-functioning heat pump in Victoria any longer.

The article below points to the primary signs that call for a heat pump replacement. Keep reading to get informed on heating systems.

Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up

Unless you have started using your heating or cooling system a lot more lately, your energy bills should stay pretty consistent from one year to the next. Yes, they might fluctuate from season to season, but if you notice a big unexplainable jump in your energy bills, it might be due to your heat pump. That's when you need to investigate further to figure out whether a heat pump replacement is in order. Make sure you don't ignore this red flag, as it could lead to worse problems down the road and more unnecessary expenses.

Your Heat Pump Doesn’t Produce as Much Warmth or Cold

If your heat pump is still blowing air as before, but it's not as cold or hot as it used to be, it might be dying a slow death. You could try and change the filters first to see if that fixes the issue. But if it doesn't, then you will need to call in heat pump services to get your heat pump looked at asap.

There Is Leakage and Excessive Moisture

A bit of leakage and moisture dripping out of your heat pump is normal, particularly outside the home. It's the way they work. But if you are noticing that the heat pump has started leaking water inside the house excessively, then it might be signalling to you its upcoming demise. It's a problem with the condenser and nothing you can fix at home using DIY techniques.

Your Heat Pump Is Older Than 10 Years

Nothing lasts forever, especially heat pumps. That's why once you have been using a heat pump for a while or living in a home that's quite old, you will want to consider getting your heat pump replaced for a newer one. How long do heat pumps last? Natural Resources Canada says air-source heat pumps have a service life of about 10 to 15 years. Your warranty might only run for 5 to 10 years max though. Nowadays, there are high-efficiency Energy Star-rated heat pumps for sale that will save you money on your energy bills. So, why not take advantage of them?

Get a New Heat Pump in Victoria Today

There's no need to delay any longer. If all the signs mentioned above are showing up in your heat pump unit, it's time you called in heat pump services asap. Getting a new heat pump in Victoria will help you save on your energy bills and also ensure that your loved ones don't get sick because your home isn't warm enough or cool enough. Give West Bay Mechanical a call today, if you are located in Victoria and Nanaimo, BC and looking for help choosing durable heat pumps within your budget.


Daniel Wickham
Daniel Wickham

Our decision to choose HVAC Contractor Palm Beach company for our heat pump replacement was the right one. They delivered exceptional service with a smile, making the entire experience positive and hassle-free.

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