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Why Do Your Drains Keep Clogging?

Did you know that 14,500 lateral pipes serve private buildings in Victoria, BC? These are the underground pipes carrying sewage to public sewer lines. So, thanks to your lateral pipe, wastewater can exit your home. That's vital to sanitation, as just 1 ml of wastewater may contain millions of bacteria.

Unfortunately, recurring clogged drains restrict the flow of wastewater. Worst, they can cause filthy water to back up into your home. But why do drains get clogged anyway, and why do such problems recur? We've named the culprits below and why you should call a plumber in Victoria to get them cleared, so read on.

Treating Toilets Like a Garbage Bin

There are only three types of waste you can flush down the toilet. As per the Capital Regional District, these are pee, poo, and (toilet) paper, also referred to as the 3 Ps. If they're not part of that three, they don't belong in the toilet, even products labelled "flushable." One reason never to flush so-called "flushable" items is that they don't easily break down even when wet. So unlike toilet paper, they maintain their form, causing potential drain clogs. So if you've been flushing such products, that's likely one of the reasons your drains keep clogging up. Your best bet is to call a plumbing contractor in Victoria to clean and clear your drains. After that, avoid future clogs by never flushing these items down the toilet. If you don't live alone, educate everyone else at home about preventing clogged drains. Tell them how to stop drains from clogging, such as by not flushing wipes, diapers, dental floss, hair, or toys.

Improper Disposal of FOG

FOG is an acronym for fats, oil, and grease. Pouring these down the kitchen sink can clog drains, as they solidify after a while. Once all jelly-like, they attract other debris, such as bits of food, which then stick to them. The more often you pour FOG down kitchen sinks, the more massive the blockage will get. So if your drains keep clogging, take that as a sign you need kitchen plumbing repairs. Hire a professional plumber in Victoria to clean your clogged drains before they back up. Then, once clear, never pour FOG down sinks again so you can start avoiding blocked drains.

Blockages in the Sewer Lateral

In the long run, toilet misuse and improper FOG disposal can lead to clogs in the sewer lateral.

If that happens, you'll notice the effects on all drains and toilets in your home. After all, your sewer lateral is where all of your home's drain pipes converge. So if the sewer lateral becomes blocked, wastewater can't make its way to the public sewer line. Without anywhere to go, it builds up in the drain pipes until the pipes can't accommodate more waste. That can result in all that filthy, germ-filled water flowing back into your home. Please call a licensed plumber in Victoria as soon as you experience drain backups. The plumbing professional must remove the blockage in your lateral or main drain. From there, the pro can unclog and clean the rest of your drain pipes.

Hire a Plumber in Victoria for Recurring Clogged Drains

As you can see, several culprits may be behind why you keep getting clogged drains. It may be toilet misuse, improper FOG disposal, or a clogged sewer lateral. Either way, removing drain blockages that keep coming back is a job you should leave to a plumber. So, hire one ASAP; otherwise, they may cause more dangerous, expensive-to-clean backups.

If you need a plumber in Victoria to help with recurring drain clogs, West Bay Mechanical is here to help. Contact us now so we can fix your clogged drains today!


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