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How to Maintain and Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fans

bathroom fans

Exposure to indoor mold can be linked to coughing, wheezing, and upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy people. One of the most common places that mold grows in the home is the bathroom. Reducing the risk of mold is one of the primary jobs of bathroom exhaust fans. Your bathroom exhaust fan can only do its job if it's properly maintained. We'll tell you why, when, and how to do that in this quick guide to bathroom exhaust fan maintenance.


Bathroom exhaust fans serve three main purposes. These are:

  1. Moisture control. Hot showers cause excessive moisture and humidity that can lead to mold. An exhaust fan helps control the moisture that gets trapped in the air and absorbed by paint, wallpaper, and walls.

  2. Odor control. An exhaust fan draws out unpleasant odors from the bathroom and vents them outdoors.

  3. Improved air quality. We tend to use harsh chemicals in our bathrooms and these can have an adverse effect on health when inhaled. An exhaust fan can vent these chemicals and reduce that risk.

In order for a bathroom exhaust fan to serve these purposes, it must be clean. Exhaust fans function by drawing air into the unit and sending it through a duct to the outside of your residence. Cleanliness ensures that airflow is efficient and effective. WHEN TO CLEAN BATHROOM EXHAUST FANS

You should clean exhaust fans at least once every year. But if you notice dust build-up or more steam on your mirror, it might be a good idea to clean your exhaust fan. Cleaning an exhaust fan is the most important part of exhaust fan maintenance. With proper maintenance, your exhaust fan should last about ten years. HOW TO CLEAN BATHROOM EXHAUST FANS

Before any exhaust fan maintenance, make sure there's no electricity running to the fan. To be sure, you should turn the electricity off from the circuit breaker. The fan covering may be held in place by tension clips that make removal easy. If your fan cover is held in place with screws, you'll need a screwdriver to remove it. Once you've gently removed the cover, start by washing it in warm, soapy water. You can also vacuum it. Next, you need to clean the exhaust fan itself. Clean the blades with a damp cloth and tackle the motor components and fan housing with a bristle brush. Let all the components dry before putting them back. TIME TO REPLACE YOUR BATHROOM EXHAUST FAN

The extent to which you can prevent mold, control odors, and improve indoor air quality in your bathrooms depends on the efficiency of your bathroom exhaust fans. In order to serve their purpose, bathroom exhaust fans require maintenance. And the primary way to maintain a bathroom exhaust fan is to keep it clean. Even a perfect cleaning schedule won't help your exhaust fan live forever. When it comes time for a new one, replace it with the best. You can check out our selection of bathroom exhaust fans here.


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