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If your air-conditioning unit is left unattended during winters, it may need repair by the time the summer arrives. AC units are a lifesaver during hot months, so you may want to take proper care of the unit even if it is not in use. Changing seasonal conditions are not good for the appliance and by investing in some pre-winter preventive measures, you will save yourself from future headaches.

Our professionals at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. can help you with the maintenance of your rebates, plumbing, heating and refrigeration systems. Steps to Winterize Your AC unit Some of us may leave our AC unit out in the open during winters. Dirt, fallen leaves and freezing temperatures may lead to rust or blocked vents. Follow these simple steps before or during winter to protect your cooling system:

  • Switch Off – It is important to switch off your cooling system in the colder months which prevents it from firing-up on warmer winter days and making your house too cold. Locate the AC breaker in your electrical panel and flip it off to ensure this.

  • Clean the System – Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, bird poop, bugs and dust from the unit. Leaves, branches or dead grass can also accumulate around your AC system. Use a hose on gentle pressure to wash down the cabinet and avoid blasting water in the grills or coils. Make sure your AC dries completely before progressing to the the next step.

  • Foam Pipe Covers – Cut and fit foam pipe covers on the exterior exposed parts of the ducts and vents. This will help prevent fluids from freezing and pipes from cracking. You can wrap duct tape tightly around the cover to secure it in place but don’t overdo it as you need to take it out in the summers.

  • Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit – Use plastic or a waterproof vinyl cover to wrap the complete air conditioning unit. Some of the AC manufacturers provide specific covers for their products. You can use bungee cords or vinyl ropes to ensure they don’t blow away in strong winds. Moisture can also build up underneath the coverings or animals can find shelter below it.

  • Get It Inspected by Professionals – Keep checking the covers for moisture build-up due to condensation as it can cause mould growth. This will affect the air quality when you switch it on later by emitting allergens. Get in touch with professionals for inspection of your unit before you switch it off and pack it for the winter months. If there are any lingering repair issues, it will be taken care of.

Read our other blog to learn the ways to diagnose common air conditioner problems. You can also check for available offers from our rebates section. Contact us for reliable air-onditioning installation, repair and other services.

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Zak Crawley
Zak Crawley
Feb 23

Protecting your air conditioning unit from snow, ice, and debris is crucial during the winter months. HVAC Repair Diamond Bar recommends using a breathable cover designed specifically for air conditioners. This will prevent moisture from getting trapped, which can cause rust and other damage, while still allowing air to circulate and prevent condensation.

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