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Air Conditioning Repair vs Replacement – Save Your Money and Time

air conditioning repair

The air conditioning system of your house is essential to keep you comfortable during hot times. Figuring out whether to perform air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement is a confusing as it involves several factors that need to be taken into consideration - explained in this blog. We have been renovating homes and businesses throughout Victoria for over 40 years. We install and provide service facilities for air-conditioning, heat pumps, boilers and more. Let’s look into what you should consider if you are considering air conditioning repairing or replacement.


There are various signs that you can notice to know when to perform either repair or replacement. Here are a couple we want to highlight:

  • Age of the system - Replace air conditioning systems older than 15 years old. Though these systems may live for a few more years, their energy efficiency will be very less and could cost you energy dollars.

  • Frequent breakdowns – If your air conditioning system has broken down multiple times over the past several years or can’t properly function during the coldest and hottest times of the year, you should opt for a replacement.

  • Where’s the cold air? – If your air conditioning system is running, but no cold air is coming out the vent, it could be because the thermostat isn’t properly functioning. If that is not the problem, it could be a circuit breaker issue that needs to be repaired by an expert.

  • Noise – If your system is overexerting to keep up with the cooling and heating requirement, it will make excessive amounts of noise or turn off randomly. Maintain a regular maintenance schedule to preserve the effective functioning of your system. This will also help you identify what kind of repair is needed.


There are many benefits to air conditioning repair, rather than unnecessarily going for air conditioning replacement. The major factors to be considered are:

  • Newer systems – For relatively new systems, performing repairs make the most financial sense. All the parts used for building the system will be new. Chances for major breakdowns will be less.

  • The 50% rule – If the repair cost compared to replacement is lesser than half the value, and you haven’t needed monthly service, repair may be enough for you.


West Bay Mechanical can ensure that your air conditioning system works at its best. Our technicians are well trained and certified in providing air conditioning repair. Call us today if you’re looking to get air conditioning repair services in Victoria.


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