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How to Choose a Furnace for Your Home

furnace maintenance

Almost every house has a central heating system along with of air conditioning. Furnaces are majorly needed in colder regions and choosing the right one for your business or home is crucial. This is relevant to your comfort, cost, safety and utility bills. This will also help minimize the number of times you’d need furnace repairs.

Our experienced team of licensed professionals at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. has been providing dependable renovation and HVAC services for over 40 years. We install and service equipment such as hot water heaters, boilers and furnaces. In this blog post, our technicians discuss the factors that have to be considered while purchasing a furnace. Factors to Be Considered When you have to select a high-efficiency furnace, the options can sometimes become confusing. Let’s see what you need to keep in mind:

  • Fuel

Selecting the fuel type should be the first consideration while choosing a furnace. There is oil, gas or electric-powered models. Natural gas is the most common one along with being inexpensive and clean. A heat pump or an electric furnace can provide a feasible option for homeowners where winters are mild but they cost a lot to operate. Oil-powered models can provide high-efficiency heating with reduced energy consumption.

  • Economy

It is an important factor to consider as costs vary by location. It might also be down in one month and then shoot up the next.

  • Efficiency

It is calculated in terms of percentage. As per the federal government, the minimum efficiency rating that any furnace can have is 92%. This will help you save money on the energy bills as your equipment will be well-efficient. Efficiency also plays a major role in the frequency of furnace maintenance.

  • Technology and features

Modern brands set themselves apart from the older models with advanced home heating systems. Some of the features include monitoring systems with communication technology for furnace adjustments, built-in touch screen displays and remote-control access. These technological advancements ensure that furnaces will be efficient and perform with perfect humidity controls.

  • Size

It’s important to find the perfect size by matching the heat output with the size of the house. A furnace that’s really big will waste fuel while one that is too small won’t generate sufficient heat. The ductwork in the house can be used to balance the heat output, so that enough hot air will be utilized across the house.

  • Location

Many people install furnaces outside the house walls, but units can also be put in a garage, a basement or an attic. The location can affect the venting and the air supply needed for combustion. Electric furnaces do not have these problems. Let West Bay Mechanical Ltd. Help Our technicians have specialized in repairing, installing and maintaining HVAC systems. We provide services in the areas of Victoria and Nanaimo. We offer 24/7 emergency services and sell only quality products from top brands. For information on how to make a furnace maintenance checklist, read our blog post - Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners Call us to learn more about our furnace repair and maintenance services.

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Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson
Apr 02

Consult with HVAC Contractor Riviera Beach company to assess your home's heating needs accurately and recommend the most suitable furnace options. Their expertise ensures you make an informed decision.

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