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Signs Your Kitchen Needs Plumbing Repairs

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A kitchen is central to any home and any problems with your plumbing can disrupt your entire routine. Carrying out regular maintenance of your plumbing system helps detect and fix any minor problems before they deteriorate further. Whether you want to get your burst pipe fixed or get a backed up drain repaired, West Bay Mechanical Ltd. can help. Our plumbing contractors have been serving clients in Victoria for over 40 years. We also provide heat pumps, furnaces and thermostats.

The Right Time to Get Your Plumbing Fixed Keep an eye out for the following to know when your plumbing is due for a repair:

  • Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet not only increases your water bill but can also promote mould growth. This can cause allergic reactions in some people and also damage your kitchen cabinets. Faucet leaks are usually caused by a faulty O-ring or washer; replacing them usually helps solve the problem. Fixing a faucet is usually not very expensive and does not require a lot of time.

  • Clogged Drains

If your sink is slow to drain or doesn’t drain at all, it may cause a lot of problems. You would have to get rid of the dirty dishwater manually and can’t use your sink until the problem has been fixed. You can use a plunger or a liquid drain cleaner to clear the blockage. Cleaning the P-trap on your sink may also help. If these solutions do not work, get plumbing contractors to fix the issue.

  • Bad Smell

If you have odours coming out of your kitchen sink or dishwasher, it means they need proper cleaning. You can clean the dishwasher easily using regular cleaning products, but clearing out the build-up in your drain and pipes necessitates professional expertise.

  • Low Water Pressure

A decrease in the water pressure of your kitchen faucet can make simple tasks (such as washing dishes) time consuming. This issue can be caused by a lot of factors such as mineral deposits at the tap or problems with the water line of your home. Addition of an extra water-using appliance in your home can also cause this problem as the existing supply lines may not be sufficient to handle the extra water needs. Your plumber can help you identify the problem and fix it.

  • Problems with Your Dishwasher

Any cracks in the gasket around the door of your dishwasher can cause the unit to leak. There could also be issues with the drainage line, inlet valve or supply line. A clogged filter or malfunctioning pump can also cause issues. Get your plumber to fix such issues as replacing the dishwasher can be expensive. If you are looking for plumbing contractors in Victoria, West Bay Mechanical Ltd. can help. Our experienced team of licensed, bonded and insured professionals offers reliable services to both commercial and residential clients. We also offer air conditioning repair and in-floor heating services. Read our blog -​Tips for Hiring a Reliable & Professional Plumber - for tips on hiring a plumber. Contact us today to schedule a service!


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