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​6 Causes of Low HVAC Airflow in Your Home

Low airflow in your HVAC system can have a significant impact on the comfort of your home. It can also hinder the efficiency of your furnace, causing a spike in your heating bill and potentially leading to maintenance issues. At West Bay Mechanical Ltd., we provide comprehensive residential HVAC services in Victoria. Here are some of the common causes behind low airflow that we typically encounter:

1. Obstructed vents and registers Perhaps you closed the vents one day when it was too hot and you forgot to open them again. Or maybe you have to rethink the positioning of the bedroom dresser. Sometimes, the solution to low airflow from your HVAC system is simply making sure that all of your registers and vents are opened and unobstructed. 2. Inadequate number of return air vents Alternatively, your air vents might all be open and unobstructed, but there simply might not be enough of them. If an area of your home isn't able to return the same amount of air that it receives, then it will become pressurized and stop receiving as much air as a result, restricting airflow. 3. Faulty thermostat Another simple and common cause of low HVAC airflow is a faulty thermostat. While your thermostat may need to be replaced entirely if it isn't functioning correctly, you should first check if it might just be low on batteries. 4. Dirty furnace filter When your furnace filter becomes dirty and clogged with debris, such as pollen, dust, pet dander and smoke particles, it will restrict the amount of air that can pass through. Change your disposable filter or clean your permanent filter as often as is recommended. 5. Overly-efficient furnace filter You might not expect it, but some of today's highly efficient filters can also restrict airflow if your furnace is not designed to work with them. Filters with a high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating allow less airflow and can force your furnace to work harder. Most furnace motors are rated to handle a MERV rating between seven and 12. 6. Air duct issues Finally, a leading cause of low airflow in HVAC systems is problems with the air ducts. If the ductwork in your home has any cracks and holes, then a significant percentage of the air can leak out before it reaches its destination. The ductwork may also be too small, restricting how much air can be delivered, or too big, causing the air to lose pressure along the way. Need Help? Contact Us for HVAC Services in Victoria If you can't find the cause of low airflow in your home or if it is not something that can be corrected with a simple fix, then you can count on the HVAC experts at West Bay Mechanical Ltd. Our technicians will perform an inspection to find the source of the issue and offer you an affordable and effective solution. To find out more about our HVAC services, contact West Bay Mechanical Ltd. today.


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